Six Common Kinds of Beer Glassware

Beer enthusiasts have their own collection of pint glasses at their home. Aside from pint, there are many kinds of beer glasses. Each variety of beer glassware has its own characteristics. Indeed, a number of glassware is designed to help in preserving the beer’s foam head while others to improve the colors of the brew. As a beer enthusiast, you should have a growler bar to visit in Fort Worth and learn about beer accessories available there. Below are some of the most common kinds of beer glasses:

Pint Glasses

Although there are many types of pint glasses, the American pint glass is the most common type. That is why you may be served with this glass in a restaurant or bar. Another kind of point glass is the English pint glass. While it is shaped much like the American pint, it has a slight lip near the top.

Beer Steins

These beer glasses are usually mistaken for beer mugs because they have a similar shape. However, steins have a hinged lid and a lever to allow the thumb to easily open the lid. In addition, steins are made out of a wide variety of materials that include pewter, stoneware, porcelain, wood, and silver.

Pilsner Glasses

These glasses are tall and skinny. They are designed and used mainly for lighter beers. Often, they are available in a variety of sizes but they tend to hold slightly less beer than pint glasses. With their slender design, drinks appreciate the carbonation bubbles and colors within the beer.

Beer Mugs

These beer mugs are easy to use and hold plenty of beer. They are available in all sizes. They have a wide cylindrical shape with a side handle. Their thick glass walls insulate the brew to keep it cool while the handle prevents the hands from warming up the beer.

Goblets and Chalices

Unlike pint glasses that hold a certain amount of liquid, goblets are available in various sizes. Goblets have a long thick stem and a bowl sitting on top. They are also called chalices. They come with thicker glass walls and can be heavier. They are often the glass of choice for heavy, malty beers.

Weizen Glasses

Usually, these glasses are confused with pilsner glasses because of their similarity in size and shape. However, Weizen glasses come with more curvature. They are designed mainly for wheat beers. They have a curved lip at the top that helps in trapping and encouraging a thick foam head, letting drinkers appreciate the full aroma and flavor that wheat beers come with.