Opening Your Restaurant – Doing The Work Right

So you have made the decision to spread out your personal restaurant? Congratulations, here are a few topics you will not wish to miss researching, they’ll be the important thing for your success. Take the time to plan everything out and be prepared for some curve balls on the way, try not to skip anything.

Research & Planning

Before anything else, you will want to make certain you have carried out your quest. From scouting your competitors to creating sure you realize who your target audience is going to be prior to making any decisions regarding the design, menu or hiring decisions to researching the most recent restaurant trends, don’t skimp around the research required to correctly open and operate a restaurant these days.

Management – Business & Finances

Including payroll, order taking, order processing, bookkeeping, taxes, tips and essentially all of the finances. Be sure to obtain a great POS, reason for purchase system, to streamline everything and integrate it with a decent food costing program to effectively cost and organize your inventory. There are lots of good books on restaurant management, you may even want to get one or perhaps a couple of of those. Remember about correct time management, scheduling and expenses.


Recption menus! This is actually the heart from it all. For those who have already made the decision to go for it and open your personal restaurant, the chances are you’ve already envisioned your menu. Well, it’s not necessary to invest in a collection menu for the restaurant’s lifespan, but it’s wise to be aware what the theme of the menu is going to be. Could it be French style, modern and classy cuisine with local fresh ingredients or American style with big portions along with a salad bar? Write everything lower so you’ve recption menus in your mind whenever you help make your other decisions.

Design & Decor

This covers from selecting where you are to picking the entire design and decor for the restaurant, completely lower towards the colour of carpeting and colour of your napkins. There are plenty of decisions you will have to make. You might consider getting a consultant or perhaps a decorator/designer that will help you using these aspects. Be sure to produce the atmosphere you would like with the proper lighting.


You will need to consider who you have to hire, when you really need to employ them, how to train them, what you should outlay cash and how to manage them. Remember training and certification in food safety, alcohol service and also the overall way the employees will communicate with the shoppers. Could it be traditional, home style serving or modern service having a smile?

Marketing & Promotion

Aaah, marketing and promotion, this is actually the grease which will keep the restaurant business running for many years, if done correctly. From phone book and newspaper ads for your grand opening for you to get reviewers arrive at your restaurant to making excellent person to person, marketing and promotion of the restaurant is going to be a continuing job for the existence of the restaurant.

There are lots of other aspects and points to consider when opening your personal restaurant, consider creating a complete scale marketing and business plan which means you know precisely what you ought to do and there’s no confusion.