Fragrant peaches-based moonshine

This recipe is designed for fans of natural fermentation on wild yeast. Peaches-based moonshine isn’t hard, but it has magnificent taste and aroma.Before getting the ball rolling, make sure you use proper alcohol still and prepare the ingredients necessary to make the moonshine:
● Peaches — 5 kg;
● Water— 4 liters.

You will need sugar (rough calculation): per 5 kg of peaches, 7% of sugar is needed, which is 350 grams. With water the amount of mash will be 9 liters. The content of sugar should be at least 20% of the mentioned amount, so we need 9*0,2=1,8 kg of sugar in total. There is only 0,35 kg. So it is necessary to add 1,5 kg of sugar.
● sugar — 1,5 kg ;
● lemon juice of 1 lemon (approximately 50 grams, it is calculated as well as with sugar, the acidity will be less than 1%).
● raspberry fresh — 1 glass;
● sugar — 1,5 table spoons;
● water — 120 ml.


At first you should prepare peaches. Don’t wash fruits but clean thoroughly and then mash them. Mix and heat water and sugar to get syrup, then cool it to room temperature, and pour peaches with it. Then cover the vessel with fabric and keep it in a warm place (+25 °C) for 2–3 days.

Then you need to mash raspberry in a glass, add sugar and water. This mixture also needs a fermentation period. It will take about 2-3 days, too.

Then mix peaches, raspberry, lemon juice in a large bottle, close it and keep for 2 weeks. You can use moonshine still from copper for these purposes –

It’s important: in this case, the hydro lock is necessary so that harmful bacteria can’t occupy nutrient medium. With usual yeast in it, there is no need — they eat all uninvited guests.

Filter the product with a gauze. Leave it to be clarified for 2 days.

The moonshine made from ripe peaches has fragrant aroma and taste of fruit, it is pleasant to drink.