A Guide to Sourcing Essential Services in the Hotel Industry

Whether large or small, running a hotel is all about organisation and of course, having access to the many essential services that come together to provide everything that is needed, is an essential ingredient of a successful establishment. The Internet has always been a great source of information, and with such a high level of global connectivity, the digital highway is the ideal platform for sourcing essential services for any industry.

Building Maintenance

The building must be regularly inspected, and just like your home, there will be leaks in the roof and other things that need repairing, and it is only by carrying out regular visual inpections, that you will be sure that all is well. Some issues are immediately evident, yet others, like an undetected water leak, can quickly lead to more costly repairs. A large hotel would have an entire department that handles building maintenance, which would include the grounds and also the heating system, while a smaller establishment would outsource this to a local contractor. Ideally, you want someone with extensive experience in commercial building management, and with an agreed schedule, they would ensure that all necessary repairs are promptly carried out.

Linen Laundry Services

This is one service the hotel cannot be without, and for most, sourcing a contractor that hires out top quality linen is the preferred option, as this ensures that they always have top notch linen, and that would include kitchen staff uniforms, as well as all bed linen, bathrobes and towels. For any hotel that is based in the UK, Johnsons Stalbridge are the people to talk to regarding all linen requirements, and with a nationwide coverage and the right infrastructure, they can pretty much handle anything. They offer top quality linen hire, which is far preferable than purchasing, and with a quality control system that is second to none, you can be sure that your guests are suitably impressed when they see the crisp, white cotton bedsheets and luxuriously thick towels. The amount of clean linen even a small hotel gets through in a day demands the right system that ensures that every item is available and in pristine condition, and it is only by outsourcing to the right company that you can achieve this level of excellence.

Kitchen Maintenance

The very heart of the business, your commercial kitchen requires the same level of care as a newborn baby, with daily inspections to ensure that all is well. To lose even one appliance can really throw a spanner in the works, so to speak, and with the right service provider, you can rest assured that your kitchen is ready for anything. Servicing would happen during the very few hours the kitchen is idle, and working at odd hours is very much the norm for this type of contractor. They would also have a stockpile of many appliances, and should you temporarily lose a deep fryer, they would provide a stand in. Fridges and freezers need regular attention, as does the extraction system, which basically makes the kitchen habitable. A good commercial kitchen manager would have a few aces up their sleeve, and that would include being able to facilitate a very rapid appliance repair at 3am with a single call, and having the contacts to locate emergency freezer space in no time at all. For a large hotel, this is a full time job for a team of 2 or 3 technicians, while a smaller establishment would require a visit every other day, but whichever way you look at it, the kitchen is the very core of the organisation and there can be no room for error where servicing is concerned.

Food Delivery

This was once the nightmare of every F&B manager, until the Internet arrived, and now, everything can be ordered from online suppliers. Absolutely everything that passes through the kitchen doors can be sourced online, and with a million and one other things to do, the kitchen manager takes full advantage of the Internet. Using only a smartphone, it is possible for a kitchen manager to run his business, and with secure online payments, the wheels keep turning and all food and beverage is ordered as and when it is needed. All the beverage requirements would be handled by a single supplier, and with on time deliveries, a smooth operation is assured.

Sourcing Staff

The human element can never be overlooked, and in many ways, your staff will either make or break the business. We all know what the ideal receptionist would be like, but finding one is never an easy task. This is another area that is outsourced, and by registering with the right recruitment agency, the hotel will always have access to quality staff, and whether they need a Sous Chef or a security guard, the agency will quickly shortlist a few candidates that the manager can interview. Aside from the huge cost of having an HR department, it is wiser to enlist the help of experts, who can source the best available candidate, and with a dependable and loyal team, you have the foundations for success. All but the very largest of hotels would outsource all of their HR needs, and this is the mosy cost effective way of hiring quality personnel.

When a guest walks into a lobby and sees everyone doing their job, they often forget about the army of unseen companies that are behind the front line, supplying and servicing, which ensures that everything works as it should. With the help of the World Wide Web, a hotel can arrange all of its requirements, and with everything delivered through the rear entrance, the hotel can provide a very high level of comfort for its guests. There are more services, but the above are all essential, and with good management and the right providers, the hotel is in a position to offer the very best of service in every regard.