oven baked comfort food

4 Perfect Reasons Why You Should Bake Your Own Comfort Food

If you think about comfort food, people will tell you about the most delicious food that they ever had like a triple cheeseburger, a Chicago deep dish pizza, a hot fudge sundae, a hotdog, corn dog, a tomahawk steak, Philly’s pulled pork sandwich, tortillas, adobo and many more. Comfort food is subjective and varies from one person, country, culture, religion to the other. But there’s a common thing with comfort food and that is a feeling that makes one happy and emotional from the food that they eat.

There are many types of comfort foods like fried, dried, baked, grilled, and so on. Whatever it is, it’s mostly fatty, sweet, salty and gives you the emotions that you’re so familiar with. While there are people that go to their favorite restaurants in order to taste home or their mother’s cooking, there are people that take it upon themselves to make their own comfort food and even more so if it’s oven-baked comfort food. So why should you make your own comfort food anyway? 

It’s cheaper: There are a few factors why restaurants charge their food the way they do and that is because they have to buy the raw materials, pay their rent, paythe staff and the bills. But if you make your own comfort food, especially the baked types, you can save yourself the cost of paying too much for your meal. If you calculate the times where you go to your favorite restaurant to pay for your comfort food, you will realize that it’s a substantial amount compared to making one yourself.

It’s faster: If you order your meal in a restaurant, you still have to wait in line like the rest. In restaurants, it’s FIFO (first in, first out). So if it happens to be a busy day, then good luck with that. But if you make it on your own, you’re first on the priority list. No more waiting and no more falling in line ever.

You can add whatever you want with it: Sometimes, your creativity comes out and you want to experiment on the things that are being offered on the plate, and your comfort food is not anexception to that. If you wish to, you can make the dish your own and not anybody’s dish. Add a few spices and add in new flavors and keep experimenting. No one can give you that free-range other than yourself.

You can guarantee the freshness: If you make your own comfort food, you can be assured of the freshness, especially if you know where to buy the freshest ingredients. As you know, when you buy fresh and cook fresh, there’s just a certain sweetness and flavor to it that you won’t find anywhere else.

Comfort food is probably something that you eat once every month, a couple of weeks, during special occasions and even when you’re stressed. Comfort food triggers certain emotions that we like to experience. It’s not just a dining experience but “THE experience.” If you want to have access to that comfort food fast, cheap and have a free range on what you want to do with it, make it yourself. If you’re looking for an oven baked comfort food to delight your senses, click the link.