4 Elements Of Packaging To Be Considered Before Choosing Coffee Packaging.

Packaging plays a vital role in product success ensuring the quality of your product. It is important piece of your advertising and marketing of products on its journey to reach customers. A good quality of packaging with right strategy can help to build a great place in market for your products. Here are the 4 factors will help you in choose better coffee packaging.

  1. Choosing the Style of Coffee Packaging Bag

 There are usually 5 type of coffee pouches in the market which are listed below

  • Flat Bottom Bag: This is mostly used coffee packaging format, it has folded over top, which is sealed and brick shaped.
  • Quad Seal Bag: This bag is crisp sealed, and has a modular look, It has support a good of amount of coffee fills and stand unassisted.
  • Pillow Bag: This is simplest and least costly. It is mostly used for small quantity of fillings and lays flat.
  • Bag in Bag: This usually used for packing the small coffee pouches into a larger bag. A number of fractional and Single-serve pouches are first packed in small size and there is an outer wrapping bag.
  • Doypack with zip closure: Doypack or stand up pouch is a unique style with Flat Top and oval-shaped bottom. It has a Premium look and fitted with a zipper, making it more convenience to Use.
  1. Freshness Factors for Your Coffee.

 After choosing the style of your coffee packaging bag, you need to select a correct freshness factor to maintain the quality of the product. You can use Modified Atmosphere Packaging which includes nitrogen flushing, also choose a good quality of package to resist from environmental damage.

  1. Right Packaging Convenience.

 Choosing the right Strategy of Packaging according to the convenience of customer use can eventually make a permanent place on market shelves for your products.

  • Zipper Reclose: Zipper Reclose is one of the most convenient packaging allowing customers to reuse the product after opening and also prevents staling.
  • Tie and Tape: Although it does not offer air-tight preservation, it is one the of the most used type of packaging in the coffee industry.
  • Clear and Concise Labelling: Customers will always look for the nutritional values and product details like processing date and roast date etc. So having a good label to connect with your customer’s needs will help make a better place in the market.
  • Trial Packages: Trial coffee pouches can be a good option for the customers to try it for the first time, you can release trail packages and bulk packages both in the market, Trail packages allow customers to explore new options.
  1. Coffee Packaging Process.

Packaging process and equipment should be considered to accommodate your bag style. You can go for quad seal style if you are hand-filing your coffee bags. Using a coffee packaging machine can help you accommodate multiple style bags and sizes and also make sure to maintain filing weights.